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This Harry Potter icon community was started on March 30th 2004. This is a community for people to share their HP icons, and participate in icon contests (for which they'll recieve an award if they win) Alohomora_Icons is run & maintained by ghoulette!

1. If you post over 3 icons, please use a LJ-Cut.
2. Don't post a thread asking how someone did something, just ask in a comment please.
3. Do NOT talk like you dont know how to speak! no StIcKyCaPs or heyy I lyke yuuur icoons wered u gettt them Heeehee!?!?!!! it's annoying.
4. NEVER steal icons or bases. Always credit people in your keywords or on your user-info page.
5. Don't bash people. I don't care what it's for...just don't!
6. Any type of icons are fine, as long as they're Harry Potter related.
7. No Advertising your communities in single posts! If you wanna advertise them, please post some icons along with it.

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the winner of the Alohomora_icons - Community icon contest is liddow Congrats! & thank-you everyone who submitted an icon! they were all lovely <3

Expect a new contest within the next few weeks!